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Timberkits Pianist – wooden pianist kit comes in a self-assembly pack to create a pianist automaton.

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The Timberkits wooden pianist kit comes in a self-assembly pack. The figure and workings can be built (seen above) by following the instructions enclosed and pegging and gluing parts supplied together. Once assembled correctly, a handle can be turned which drives a system of cams and levers, and the pianist rocks back and forth and ‘plays’ the piano.

The pianist kit contains wooden components, PVA glue, sandpaper, parts list and comprehensive instructions. Although described as suitable for age 9 to 90 this is a challenging mechanical kit to assemble and the assistance of an adult may be advisable. Indeed, adults may well enjoy assembling this kit too!

Approx. size of model – width 140mm, length 200mm, height 200mm.

Not suitable for children 3 years and under due to small parts.

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